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  Take our Customer Satisfaction Survey - Win Outerwears Apparel!

Outerwears wants to know how we can serve you better.   Complete the survey below and you will be entered to win a fine piece of Outerwears apparel.

Every survey returned will be entered into a drawing for Outerwears apparel, so be sure to include your contact information at the bottom of the form.

  1. Which product did you purchase from Outerwears?
  2. Please name the store or website where your Outerwears product was purchased:
  3. Overall, how satisfied are you with the product?

  4. Would you recommend this product to others?

  5. How long have you used this product?

  6. Would you consider a future purchase from Outerwears?

  7. How satisfied are you with your service from Outerwears?

  8. Did the product arrive in a satisfactory time?

  9. Was your sales representative knowledgeable and helpful?

  10. Did a sales representative assist you in a timely manner?

  11. Where did you hear about us?

  12. Please list any additional comments below. 
  13. Please include your email if you would like new product updates and future promotions.

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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!

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