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Shockwears installation instructions


1/8th & 1/10th scale vehicles

1) Remove shock assembly from vehicle.

2) Completely disassemble the spring from the shock assembly.

3) Place the Shockwear next to the spring for measurement purposes

4) Trim the Shockwears with sharp scissors to allow enough material to fold inside the spring for attachment. 

a.   Depending on artwork you may want to trim from both the top and the bottom of the Shockwear.

  i.      Roughly trim ¼" from each edge or ½" from one side (depending on Shockwear design)

b.Thread the Shockwears on (like a nut on a bolt).

5) Re-assemble spring to shock assembly

6) Re-install shock assembly to the vehicle.

Release spring                                                         Spring Disassembled


Trim Shockwears to length (see 4 above)                Thread shockwear on spring


Shockwears folded into spring for attachment          Re-assemble spring and shock assembly


                                      Final assembly