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                PN # 10-2263-XX & 20-2263-XX     FITS K&N YA-4503

        Top piece

1.            Without contacting pleated filter media, gently sand  the surface where Velcro will be applied. (fig. 1)

               Remove any dust and oil with a rubbing alcohol dampened rag.

2.            Apply enough Supplied glue for only one piece of Velcro (fig. 2) remove backing from Velcro and apply

               over glued area (fig.3).  Repeat with other two pieces of Velcro, let set 24 hours. 

3.            Attach round pre-filter piece so top is evenly covered. (fig. 4). (center holes should line up)

    Bottom piece

                  Line up welded seam of bottom pre-filter piece with pleated material clip on filter (fig 5),      

                  cover entire element, allowing elastic to rest on rubber ends of filter (pulling over edge will not allow

                  proper seating  in the air box) see figure 6.

                  Follow directions with the K&N filter to complete installation

                 (washers go on top of pre-filter).

          Depending on usage the water repellency of the cover should last about 1 year.

          The best cleaner to use is Outerwears, Inc. PRE-FILTER CLEANER which has been specially formulated to

          preserve the water repellent finish on the material.